Tuesday, February 9, 2016

    Our south coast adventures consisted of a trip to Gilligan Island while we were staying in Isabela and then a one night stop in Ponce as part of our road trip around the island.  There was a lot more we wanted to see and explore while in the southern coast of Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, due to our tight schedule, weather, and the off-season we had to put those things on hold for next time (Isla Caja de Muertos, we are coming for you). 


     We woke up at sunrise in preparation for this trip, packed the car with a lunch, snorkeling gear, and off we went. This little mangrove island (officially known as Cayo Aurora) is located just a mile off the coast of Guanica so the original plan was to kayak our way there.  Unfortunately, the tide was a bit rough that morning and they weren't renting any out. We managed to buy some last minute tickets on a small fishing boat and arrived to this little piece of heaven a little before noon.  The rest of the day was spent lounging in the water and napping on the sand. We didn't get to do any snorkeling since we had to leave our gear behind due to lack of room on the little boat but it was alright. After all, it felt like a thousand spa days put in one.  
Our very own little beach
Waiting for the boat to take us back... I think we both could've stayed forever.


We actually made our way to La Ciudad Señorial (The Noble, or Lordly, City) right after Cabo Rojo. Still wet, sandy, and a bit sunburned from our time at the beach, the cool shower at the hotel was our first stop. After, we picked up some take out from down the street and came back to the room for dinner on the our balcony.  The next morning consisted of exploring the town before packing up and heading east.
Gorgeous hotel floors / breakfast
Next stop... East coast!


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