Thursday, March 3, 2016

    To conclude our road trip around the island we decided to pay Icacos Island a visit.  Our visit to this little island off the coast of Fajardo was actually a first for both of us. You see, my family's go-to island off of Fajardo has always been Culebra (which is, hands down, my favorite place in the world). However, we were unable to find a spot on the ferry that morning. A local fisherman heard us talking to the ferry terminal officer and mentioned that he was actually heading to Icacos in about an hour with some friends and he had space in his boat for two more. Now, we normally don't accept "rides" from strangers but in the spontaneous spirit of adventure we said yes.   After grabbing a quick breakfast at the bakery down the street, we met up with Alexis and his friends at Las Croabas,  paid about $20 to help with fuel, and off we went.
    As soon as we spotted Icacos from our little boat we knew we had made the right choice... it was paradise.   Definitely an island I wouldn't mind getting marooned in.  Our friend, the fisherman, dropped all of us off on the shore (there is no dock so you have to jump right in) and off he went. We knew we had about five hours before he came back for us so we split ways, his friends off to go spear fishing and Sean and I in search of the nearest shade to leave our stuff and jump back in the water.
    Since this was sort of our farewell to our amazing adventure we just took it all in.  Swam and played in the ocean till out fingers and toes were all wrinkly, napped under the palm trees, relaxed in the tide pools, and walked around the island exploring its many beaches.  It was the most perfect way to conclude the most amazing adventure. 
We'll be back.


Liesl said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! Your photography and view of the world and your travels in pictures always leaves me so inspired. Thank you for sharing all that you do, Mariel, and I hope you are well! :)

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