Sunday, January 18, 2015

This weekend Sean and I decided to sneak in one more adventure for the summer. We packed everything we might need into two backpacks and headed a couple hours up north to Black River State Forest. It was both of our first time there so we had quite a fun time deciding which one of its six trails to hike in search of the perfect spot to set camp. Something we both really liked is that you are allowed to set camp ANYWHERE as long as you are at least 100 feet from the trails. This led to some interesting off-trail hiking but after about 5 miles we came across a grassy hill with view to a valley (On the North Trail). It was truly perfect so we decided to called it "home" for one night. Here is to more holiday weekends like these.



Devon said...

I love the composition of the photos. The first one makes the forest seem like it goes on forever!

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