Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Doing my slowmo run... sexy, I know
(AFTER...together we were more powerful against the rabid raccoons)


This time we headed north for a river adventure.
Located in the middle of the Menominee Indian Reservation 
there is the perfect place for just that. 

After driving almost four hours we arrived and found the perfect spot
to set camp. That's when we realized that we were missing a VERY
essential part of our camping equipment. The tent.
(I blame my third-shifts and his 12-hour shifts this weekend this event)

Despite our knowledge of black bears in the area we decided to be adventurous 
and sleep under the stars. Turns out bears should've been the least of our worries.
That night we both woke to some serious growling just inches from my head...
raccoons... very fat and very RABID raccoons (I stand by my last assumption).

I fell asleep right away but S made sure the fire burned all night... the poor
man only slept three hours that night but he did an amazing job keeping me
safe from those not-so-little critters.

The next morning I woke up extra early, made some breakfast while S got some 
much needed sleep, and truly admired my surroundings. There is something about 
the sound of the river just mere feet away, the wind gushing through the leaves, 
and birds welcoming a new day that truly brings you peace. Not quite the same 
as the sound and smell of ocean waves but definitely a close second.


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Wow you are SO brave! I would never ever do this!!!

Dilan Dilir said...

oh, it looks awesome!

Emmett Katherine said...

I'm suppose to go camping in a few weeks - i hope i remember the tent! That was brave of you guys to sleep under the stars!

Liesl said...

Your pictures are just beautiful, and make me want to get back to Wisconsin stat! :)

Gina Norman said...

ooooh we may have to make this trip, I'm in St.paul, MN so not too far. You take exceptional photos!!! They really give a person the experience you were having, honestly, they are beautiful!

Nicole Marie said...

these pictures are awesome!! my dad is from wisconsin

Anonymous said...

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