Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Puerto Rico: Old San Juan

    A little over a month ago Sean and I returned to Puerto Rico to celebrate our anniversary and enjoy the Christmas season the island way.  Even though we landed on December 29th we were in no danger of missing out on the holiday celebrations.  They were actually at their peak since NYE was right around the corner and Three Kings Day was still over a week away (On the island we literally celebrate the longest Christmas season in the world.  It all starts on Thanksgiving day and ends well into January... "Las Octavitas").
    We decided to spend the first three nights in Old San Juan and welcome the new year in one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean and my personal favorite in the whole world.  As soon as we landed we took a cab the apartment and got ready right away for our anniversary dinner at La Mallorquina (the oldest restaurant in the Americas).  Lucky for us, the restaurant was just quick walk away so we made it in just in time.  After stuffing ourselves with mofongo, bacalaitos, and passion fruit frapes we thought we were ready to call it a night but then I heard music coming from the plaza... Game over. Off we went to dance the night away.
    New Years Eve arrived a couple days later. That morning we randomly bumped into my parents and sisters as we were walking out of the coffee shop down the street(we knew they were in Puerto Rico but didn't think we would all see each other till Three Kings Day) .  After a lot of hugging, kissing, and jumping up and down we all headed out to explore the city for the 1000x... it never gets old.  After a family dinner back at our place mom, dad, and the girls left.  Sean and I then left to meet up with some locals down by the bay to watch the fireworks and welcome the new year. An absolutely perfect day with those I love most.
Heading out to dinner on our first night "home"
"El Palomar"... the beautiful apartment we got to call home during those four days. 
Starting ALL our mornings with a delicious little cup of coffee from the mountains of Yauco.
Getting my dose of Mavi
Live music and dancing at the plaza every night.
Blurry but my favorite one... NYE kiss.

... Follow our adventures in this Friday's post!


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