Monday, May 27, 2013

Wicked Birthday

Wearing the dress S got me specifically for the occasion. That man sure spoils me. 
Chilling with our buddy Dumpty. 


Yesterday was definitely one for the books. Actually the whole weekend was.
After all, this weekend I was blessed with another year of life. 

The celebration started Friday. 
Wore a pretty dress and headed to dinner with S. 
Then made it home in time to change into scrubs and head 
to the lab for the night. 3rd shifts are so awesome.
After sleeping for most of the day, Saturday night came with 
pizza and a movie but by midnight I had to be back at the lab. Awesome.
Then Sunday came. THE day.
After three hours of sleep I woke up more excited than a kid on Christmas morning.
You see, last Christmas S surprised with a beautiful blue dress and riddle. After 
deciphering it (and jumping up and down like a little girl) May 26th became something
to really look forward to. That's when I would get to see my very first Broadway show, 
WICKED nonetheless. 

The wait was definitely worth it.  It was an absolutely mesmerizing experience. 
Now we can't wait to add more shows to our list. 
(The Lion King is definitely on the top of that list)


Brianna said...

Sounds amazing, I am so jealous (in a good way hahah). Wicked sounds amazing and watching in your birthday with Sean sounds great. I'm happy to see you're dealing with 3rd shift well, it sounds difficult.

Jhan said...

What a lovely early surprise! The anticipation to see Wicked must have been building up for the past few months. I'm with you on liking Broadway shows. I would love to see the Lion King as well. I've seen Tarzan and it was really good! :-)

Morgan Reece said...

wicked is ABSOLUTELY amazing. i can't believe it's your first!! you have to see more! they are epic. i've only seen 4? i think? but i've seen wicked 3 times. haha. that's how much i loved it. and i saw lion king. it's also good :)
beauty and the beast is on my list.
and les miserables...again.
and phantom...again...cause they're classics.

glad you had a good birthday!!

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