Sunday, October 30, 2011

Italian and Cake

{The birthday girl}
{What I wore}
(Dress: c/o Lamixx)

Today was one of my girls birthday so we celebrated it
the best way there is... with Italian food and cake, of course.

Since the whole weekend was mostly spent in my room with 
sweat pants or sans pants I decided I needed to change it up bit. 

Goodbye pants, Hello dress!

Oh Yes.

Maybe I'll start wearing them around the room from now on.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Salted Caramel Pears


You know what's not the best idea?

Looking through your dessert board on Pinterest 
while feeling hungry and extremely creative,
when instead you should be studying for 
tomorrow's blood banking exam.

Pure torture.

Thank God Thanksgiving break is less than a month away.
Then I'll get to try mouthwatering treats
 like the one above.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday featuring Scrole Vision

A couple months ago I came across the most marvelously talented photographer while looking through a friend's wedding album. I immediately fell in love with his work. From his incredible eye for detail to the perfectly captured candid moments, you'll love it all... Promise. 

Check Scrole Vision on

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caramel Apples

My roomie surprised me this morning with an absolutely exquisite 
caramel apple she made herself (She's quite the talented lady).
My first one in more than 10 years.
(long story)
...just as amazing as I remembered it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Answers

Here are my answers to the questions you asked here and the ones 
emailed to me (You know who you are, dolls!). 

"What inspired you to sit down, open an online account and start blogging away?"
During my  second year in college as a premed student and I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed.  My whole life was revolving around researches, labs, and tons of studying. I loved what I was doing more than anything but also wanted to find a way to express my other loves (Baking, photography, fashion, traveling, God, and spending time with those I love).  I wanted... no, I NEEDED balance.
(Read first post EVER here)

"What nationality are you? Do you speak Spanish?"
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico so Spanish is my first language.

"Do you have favorite brands? What are your favorite stores?"
I try not to follow brands. If I like it, I buy it.
When it comes to stores I love Forever 21, H&M, and any thrift store with marvelous finds.

"Will you share your blog growing tips for us newbies?"
1. Blog about what YOU love and what makes you YOU, not about what's trending.
2. Decide what kind of blog you want and stick with it. 
3.  High quality photos: People are very visual, the better the photos the more they want to see.
4. Themed layout: Avoid clutter and random colors. Pick a few colors/style you love and 
stick with it throughout your blog.
5. Make friends: Thank your readers for their loyalty with giveaways and feedback. 
Don't take them for granted.

"How did you and your bf meet?"
Sean and I met way back when he was a senior and I was a junior at boarding school.  We  had completely different groups of friends and only one class together, Algebra II.  Every morning, for some reason, we would both come in late to class and every morning he would hold the door for me and say good morning (he showed me that chivalry wasn't dead despite what other boys led me to believe hehe).  Two years later, a couple visits from him (my college is 241 miles away)a few trips back home by meand countless hours on the phone, we just knew. Hello long distance!

"I see you are in your 4th year as premed... what do you want to do?"
Since I decided to do my premed orientation in Medical Laboratory Sciences I will most likely work in the lab for a couple months after graduation before going into med school. After one more semester of physics and the MCAT my dream is to be accepted to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and specialize in Oncology.

"How would you describe your personal style?"
I usually style my look depending on how I am feeling that day. My week's style can easily range from bohemian chick to the whole business/classy look. It's quite fun not sticking to one style.
(Check out my style board in Pinterest... it's kinda hard to explain it in words hehe)

"Who takes your photos and how do I get my husband to be less impatient when taking a few of me?"
When I'm home my little sister or the boyfriend take my pictures but now that I'm at school my tripod and wireless remote have become my best friends. 
Now, when it comes to bringing out the photographer in your hubby try including him in the picture-taking process and not just as the man behind the lens. Ask him for advice in poses, he'll tell you for sure which ones he loves best. Also, take some pictures of him and then he can take some of you ;). Just have fun together and don't forget to thank him for the marvelous job!

"If you could travel with your best friends to ANY country in the world, What country would it be?"
Abu Dhabi, of course ;)

Thanks lovelies for participating! 
This was fun...
Let's do it again sometime ;).

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Noun: A very strong and irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world.

Thank you Pinterest for feeding this desire of mine.

{all images via Pinterest)

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