Friday, December 16, 2011

Brown Sugar "Cookies"... and Baking Confession no. 1

I have a major baking confession to make.

Ok, here it goes...

I can't make cookies.
*cue the gasps*

It's true!
Not once in my life have I been able to successfully make a batch.
They are always either too hard, too soft, too flat, or too ugly.

Too flat (and maybe too floppy) was the problem with these ones... 
I practically made pancakes.

Maybe I should stick to cakes and pastries.

At least they tasted good, they just were not cookies.

Well, better luck next time.
I will not quit till I finally get it right!

PS. Check out how they were supposed to look like here. 
hehe FAIL


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Welllll, cookie pancakes probably still taste very delicious. :)

I have a baking confession, too: I can really only successfully bake CUPCAKES. I call them my specialty and make them for all my friends. But really, they are only my specialty because I stink at baking anything else. HA. ;)

Hooray for those slice & bake cookies. Thanks Pillsbury! HA!!!!

Happy Weekend LOVELY! xo

Rohini said...

Those look so good! :)
Followed you. Xx

andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

You're crazy, these look so good! i love the photos too, makes me want to bake and I never bake/cook!

Daisy said...

They look like cookies to me! They look really good, have to try them! Thank for following me on my blog :) Glad I found yours.

simplyvonne said...

hehe they still look delish though! I cant bake cookies either :( Thank god betty crocker chocolate chip is easy to make.

Happy holidays my dear!

The Arizona Russums said...

you are too cute. well, they look delish even if they are flat. i thought they were supposed to be that way!

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